Operating out of the Surrey Art Gallery’s Tech Lab, The Glocal Project is a collaborative, multifaceted artist-led project that examines the changing role of digital image making today. The digital revolution has included the global proliferation of millions of image-taking devices (such as digital cameras, video recorders, cell phones, and PDAs) and the sharing of billions of images through online networking and archival sites (such as Flickr). As this democratization of digital technologies makes the ability to make photographic images so ubiquitous, Glocal is interested in looking at the implications of the changing roles and relations of images within the field of visuality. Glocal is particularly interested in exploring the construction and relevance of the “unique” or “originary” image in relation to the multiple or “multitude”.


  • How can an image retain its ‘unique’ nature as resistance against being subsumed into the multitude?
  • How can we understand the nature of “uniqueness”?
  • Does it remain a relevant concept for digital image making?

Through interactive installations as well as a series of on-line platforms, Glocal examines the new digital lives of images.

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The Surrey Art Gallery gratefully acknowledges the financial contribution of: City of Surrey, Government of Canada, Department of Canadian Heritage, Arts Partners in Creative Development, Canada Council for the Arts, BC Arts Council.

Free Lead Software Management Applications and What You Need to Know About Them

It is every business’ dream to utilize the available information to get leads on potential customers without having to incur huge software expenses. This can be achieved with a lot of ease, thanks to free lead management software currently available in the market. It is arguably true that there are a few properties that any businesses whether small or big look for in these lead management applications. The software need to be reliably secure, fast and free of errors. Good lead management software should have the capability to pinpoint a potential sale making opportunity.

It s important to note that most lead management software exists as major modules in the customer retention management software. This is important as it helps the lead management software process readily available customer information to provide leads about different customers from within the pool of customers in the CRM software. Small and medium sized businesses may choose free lead management applications to their ability to provide basic lead management features at no cost. This is important as it helps the business analyze information on potential customers and give leads while the cost of doing this remains at its minimal level possible. It is however important to remember that free software always comes with some limitations. One of the major limitations is their inability to process large set of records. There is always a upper limit on the number of files these lead software can process in one session. When comparing free lead software and their premium counterparts, the premium are more efficient compared to these freeware.

In the software market, there is always room to accommodate every business’s interest in terms of their business needs against their budget. This therefore implies there are a number of vendors who’ve chosen to avail free lead management software from where different businesses can choose from. Some of the leading free lead software are as discussed below;

Pipe drive

Among the freeware in the lead management category, pipe drive ranks highly among its peers. This software is known for its ability to manage the entire information about sales from one common place. The key feature that makes it the best is its ability to provide automation features, ability to easily integrate with existing software platforms and its continued support for new innovations in the lead management industry. This software also provides a follow-up like capability in its drive action options. This software is best suited for small businesses that seek to grow exponentially through highly ambitious sales making targets.


AmoCRM software provides an easy way for businesses to add new contacts to their database with no struggle. One thing that makes it unique is its provision for business managers to add a few custom fields to enable them capture more information. That’s not all, it provides for the importation of customer data from virtually all known sources of data in a format that the user has it in. The software allows business managers to schedule reminders for following up on the potential customer; this is a great method that’s used in customer retention.


This is a great software tool that helps website owners understand what their visitors like doing when they visit their website. Through the use of google analytics tools, leadfeeder obtains the important information on visitor preference and avails to the marketing team for consumption. Due to its ability to get these leads on a daily basis, the marketing team therefore gets direct leads and can therefore swing into action immediately. This can include contacting the lead in no time. One feature that makes this a must have tool for any website owner is its ability to automatically generate reports and send them to the relevant sales teams. This not only makes the marketing experience fun but also efficient. It helps the business using it easily identify where they should target in making their near future sales.